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A special Lebanese product , as we strive to offer you the best of nature...
Meat Kibbeh
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Lebanese Co. For Modern Food Industry (operating the "Gardenia Grain D'Or®" brand) has created an outreach program for women called...

Lebanese Co. For Modern Food Industry (operating the “Gardenia Grain D’Or®” brand) has created an outreach program for women called “Empowering Women in Rural Lebanon”.

Empowering Women in Rural Lebanon was created with the aim of making each and every Lebanese woman realizing that she can make a difference, whatever her abilities and capabilities, and to let her know that she is welcomed in the local business community.

Empowering Women in Rural Lebanon encourages participation by local females throughout the year by creating internship opportunities on a seasonal basis. These opportunities combine the fun of working in the kitchen and the financial benefit of having a wage-earning job.

Women can take advantage of the skills achieved from working at home kitchens and apply them in the modern industry kitchen of Lebanese Co. For Modern Food Industry. The activities organized through the Empowering Women in Rural Lebanon program include stuffing vine leaves, cabbage, zucchini and eggplants. These activities are conducted under a strict quality control regime and in accordance with the ISO 22000 standards (hygiene, HACCP and management) .

Our Goals are to

Increase the role played by women in business communities in rural Lebanon and decrease the continuous migration to the cities.

Encourage and enable women to contribute in developing Gardenia Grain D’Or®‘s latest range of ready-to-eat canned food items.

Provide a base for women to start their own small catering projects or to pursue careers in the catering industry.

Ensure that we can offer culinary products with 100% Lebanese content through participation by Lebanese women in the manufacturing process.

How to get involved

To learn about the program, or start contributing, or apply for a paid internship, please call Lebanese Co. For Modern Food Industry at

+961 8 931570 or send an email to


All applicants must be female, Lebanese citizens.

Internships are run throughout the year on a seasonal basis. Those who miss the first internship, but meet the requirements, can still be selected for the following available internship. Each of those applications will be held in safe-keeping for possible later use by Lebanese Co. For Modern Food Industry.

Press inquiries

Please see our press release for further details.


We are grateful for the support provided by various parishes in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon. This has helped us to link up with many skillful women in a need of a job. We also appreciate the assistance of numerous charity associations.