One of those food that makes everyone hungry. Add the seasoned breadcrumbs Crispy and enjoy the crispiest chicken.
A special Lebanese product , as we strive to offer you the best of nature...
Meat Kibbeh
  1. Wash Bulgar and drain.
  2. Add the...
Lebanese Co. For Modern Food Industry (operating the "Gardenia Grain D'Or®" brand) has created an outreach program for women called...
Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think that Gardenia Grain D’Or® products are safe?

Yes, all raw materials are tested in their labs and accredited laboratories before being used.

How is hygiene controlled in Gardenia Grain D’Or®'s factory?

In Gardenia Grain D’Or®’s factory, controls of workers and machines are conducted on a regular basis in order to ensure a safe final product, including no contamination.

What measures do you take to ensure all products are safe?


Gardenia Grain D'Or® adheres to stringent consumer safety and quality standards. The steps that are taken include:

  • Monitoring of the storage area (pest control)
  • Monitoring of humidity and temperature in the store
  • Inspection of raw materials when receiving (visual and laboratory)
  • Regular cleaning of factory and machines
  • Monitoring of personal hygiene of all employees
  • All employees shall wear personal protective equipment when working with food items.
  • Testing all final products before being sent to the market

How can you be sure that your new items will remain safe and consistent throughout all their shelf life, given that you do not use any additives or preservatives?

To ensure the safety and the consistency of any new product of Gardenia Grain D'Or, our research and development department conducts a series of comprehensive tests , as well as putting the products under observation in incubators for a period of one year before releasing them to the market. Therefore, we assure our consumers that all our products are safe, 100% natural and free of genetically modified organisms.